12 Miles and Running

As of this weekend the NYC Marathon is 15 weeks away. That seems like such a short time to train, but I know my schedule is on track. This weekend I’ve decided to run my 12 mile run. I was debating between 12 miles and 10.5 miles, but decided on the longer run so that I can make room towards the end of training for a full 26 mile run. 

I’ve been debating about the full 26 miles this time around as I know from last year just how much that 26 mile training run hurt. I know that running 26 miles by yourself is a long, drawn out, rather lonely endeavor. I know I could stop at 23 miles and be able to finish the marathon without a problem. 

So why am I doing it again? Well, I’m doing it again because I want to break 5 hours. I want to cross that finish line feeling like I could have run further if need be. I want to finish strong. From my Jeff Galloway training plan I know that running the full 26 will help not just mentally, but also physically. By finishing 26 miles I will be pushing “the wall” back further and because of that will be able to finish those last 6 miles without slowing down. With any luck I’ll even be able to run those last few miles a little faster than the few miles before. 

So even though it’s hot as hell up here in NY I’m going for the 12 mile run. I’ve got my route mapped out with places to stash extra water bottles and I’ll be running a loop around my house in case the heat is just too much and I need a short break to cool off. 

Then in 2 weeks it will be on to the 14 mile run. I don’t know why, but for some reason going past the half marathon mark feels like I’ll be in “real” mode training again. I can’t explain why. It’s amazing how much my thought patterns have changed since last year.

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  1. You are so impressive. Don’t overhead.