212 Degrees

Like pretty much every other person on the planet there are days that I want to quit working towards my goals. I don’t think I’ll ever reach them or be good enough or I think what I do doesn’t matter. I don’t have any one solution for how to get past those times. Sometimes I think of my kids and what type of role model I want to be for them. That works most of the time, but not always. I might also think of my Team Fox supporters and that works most of the time too.  Those methods work best for getting me out for a run, but what about the times that I don’t want to write my blog posts? There are times I wonder if anyone reads it and if it helps anyone out there.

Those times are when I turn to my favorite quotes or my favorite inspirational videos to help me kick myself in the butt.

Today I’m sharing one with you. Click here to view what a difference one degree can make. (I couldn’t find this embedded on YouTube so the click through is necessary.)

Now get out there and go for it! What you do every single day matters, at least to someone.




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4 Responses to 212 Degrees

  1. sinead says:

    I read your blog posts and have shared them with friends of mine, so you definitely have a fan base. As a recently return to running gal (from sofa to training for a half marathon) I find strength in your blog as well as the links you post. You speak like a normal person who has struggles and keeps going instead of an athlete who can do everything with no problems. (your summary of each mile of the marathon was my favorite, i genuinely laughed out loud) Please continue, your work is valued!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Sinead! I really appreciate your post. I’m so glad that what I write helps you. I also find that many blogs make it sound like it’s all so easy and that can be discouraging to me. I’m not sure that all those bloggers don’t have tough moments or days, but they don’t seem to share them much.

      Glad to help in anyway I can! And remember if I can run so can you! Good luck in your half!

      If you’d be willing to share your half marathon story email me at karen at runningwithkaren dot com.

  2. sinead says:

    I would love to share my story after the big event. I’m running Savannah in aid of American Cancer society (goal is to finish the race and of course $2900) and as if that’s not enough, i’m doing the Wilson Bridge Half in Washington DC in October (in preparation for Savannah) I must be mad, but I believe I’m in good company! :)

    • Karen says:

      That’s awesome! You will do great in both races and with your fundraising. Email me when you’re ready to share. I’d love to post about your experience!