A Simple Way to Run, Walk or Bike for Charity

There’s a new FREE app in town and it is awesome! It’s called Charity Miles and was created by my friend and fellow Team Fox Mentor, Gene Gurkoff.

So what is Charity Miles you ask? Well, it’s an “iPhone/Android app that empowers you to earn corporate sponsorships for charity by walking, running or biking.” That’s right- it’s a FREE app that allows you to earn money for charity simply by going for your regular run or bike ride or just by walking your dog. Now that’s cool!

To get even cooler, it is pretty much the easiest app to use. Here are the steps.

  1. Choose a Charity from the list of available charities
  2. Press Start
  3. Walk, Run or Bike

That’s it! Once you start the FREE app and start moving it tracks your distance. You earn 25¢ per mile you run or walk and 10¢ per mile you bike.

There is a great list of charities you can choose from including the Michael J. Fox Foundation (my favorite, wink, wink), Achilles International, Autism Speaks, Habitat for Humanity, Pencils of Promise and more. Whichever charity you pick it’s a win-win for everyone on the planet.

As of now, Charity Miles is funded up to $1,000,000 by corporate sponsors and that amount will only grow as more people start using the app. The more people that become involved the more the app will be able to draw in new corporate sponsors and more money for charity. As Charity Miles says, “Changing the world is a team sport!”

Check out the website at http://www.charitymiles.org or like the Facebook page and start earning money for charity.

(Did I mention the app is FREE?)

Do you run, walk or bike for charity? If yes, which one and why.

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