Running with Karen is about inspiring others to begin running or walking or biking, etc.  It is focused on my training for road races, especially the New York City Marathon, and the money that I raise for the Michael J. Fox Foundation (TeamFox).Watch this TV clip of me promoting TeamFox to understand why I run and raise money.

I started my running career only a few years ago at age 36 and by running 2 blocks.  After those 2 blocks I almost threw up, but I didn’t give up!  I kept running by slowly increasing my distance (often by 20 feet at a time) until I was able to complete the 2010 New York City Marathon at age 38.  Running the marathon was an amazing experience and was made only better by my running for a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.  I was able to raise over $5600, make some amazing friendships and become a runner along the way.

Running with Karen is my way of sharing the ups and downs in my journey towards many more marathons and other road races. It is intended to help others see that anything is possible if you decide to do it and keep moving towards your dream, even when everyone else tells you that you’re crazy!  (And they will.)

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