Climbing with the Army of Change

Today’s post is not about running, but rather mountain climbing. Well, it’s really more about this guy I met through TeamFox who is a mountain climber and way more.  It’s about how anything is possible when you dream and when you decide not to quit. 

I don’t know Enzo well, but read his blog posts and his facebook page almost daily. It’s actually sheer luck (or fate) that I met him at the first TeamFox dinner I attended back in 2008. We just happened to be seated at the same table and I got to talk to him and his wife. It turned out that both Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease have affected his family and he had started this crazy adventure to climb 10 Mountains in 10 Years, culminating with Everest, to raise money to cure both diseases.  I was totally fascinated by his dream to bring others along with him on these climbs and to also have the adventure filmed in order to produce a documentary. 

To me as a novice fundraiser who still had never run a 5K his dreams seemed bigger than life.  I didn’t doubt that he could do it.  You could tell by his determination that he’d make it happen one way or another.  It made me think again about running a marathon to raise money, but I still felt inadequate. I didn’t think I could ever do it. It would take over a year more before I believed I could finish a marathon. 

As I followed his progress and watched his team grow I continued to marvel at his ambition and I could feel my own ambition growing and breaking through the negative thoughts.  My crazy dream to run a marathon was growing. 

Last summer as I was deep into marathon training I would read Enzo’s blog and follow his journey with “The Army of Change” through Facebook. It was simply amazing.  His small team grew to 200 people last summer and raised $93,000 as they climbed Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.  Besides that, their documentary, 10 Mountains, 10 Years, was released to film festivals across the country winning many awards. In the end the film starred these amazing and intrepid mountain climbers, was narrated by Anne Hathaway, with a special introduction by Leeza Gibbons and a soundtrack contribution by Bruce Springsteen.  I’m sure Enzo hadn’t even considered that these celebrities would be part of the film when he started. 

Now Enzo has set his sights on having 400 people climb Mt. Washington this summer while raising $300,000. If you want to join him or follow the “Army of Change” journey you can find the blog at or follow Enzo on Facebook at

As I train for my second marathon this summer, I know I will continue to draw strength from Enzo’s journey and continue to remind myself that I’m capable of achieving my dreams no matter how crazy they may seem.  Feel free to follow Enzo too so that he can help inspire you also to follow your dreams.

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