Finish Strong- A Running (and Life) Mantra

As I said in my last post, my favorite running (and life) mantra is “Finish Strong”. I learned about this saying from a small book with the same name. My husband actually came across this book and bought it way before I started running. Sometime later I read this short book and found it quite motivational. The book tells several stories of how someone made a decision not to quit, but to Finish Strong, and succeeded in accomplishing something meaningful.

Some of the stories are about amazing accomplishments or someone famous. Some of the stories are about “regular” people who pick themselves up after seeming to fail and go on to win. And some of the stories are about people who go that extra mile despite knowing they won’t win.

When I get tired during a long run or my legs hurt so much that all I want to do is flag down the nearest car and quit, I tell myself to Finish Strong. When I finish any race, no matter what my time, I always pick up the pace at the end and Finish Strong. This simple mantra also reminds me to give my two daughters that extra five minutes at bedtime to read them a book or give them a few extra cuddles even though all I want to do is go to bed myself.

It was because of this mantra that I was able to “sprint” the last few 100 yards to the finish line of the 2010 New York City Marathon and even passed a runner a few feet before I finished my first ever marathon. If you get the chance I highly recommend you invest in your own copy of this amazing (and short) book- Finish Strong by Dan Green.

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