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Once again I’m a bit behind in my reading, but then again better late than never. I’m behind because my latest book, Sole Sisters, was published back in 2006 and I’m willing to bet that most running women have already heard about, if not read, this book. I’ve been running only since 2008 though so books like this were not on my radar screen back in 2006. Back then I had a newborn and a two year old so “reading” mostly involved some sort of talking animal such as my favorite- the talking bear in Jamberry… “One berry, two berry, pick me a blueberry…”  (And no, I did not have to look that up!)

Now, however, I am back to getting completely lost in books and “forgetting” about everything else that is supposed to get done around the house. Sole Sisters is my latest conquest and I can’t wait to share it with you because I loved this book. It is the perfect book about running for me. It was an easy read, could be read chapter by chapter without any issues and was extremely uplifting. It made me reflect more on why I run and on why I love to run with friends.

Sole Sisters is the compilation of 21 vignettes about how running has affected women’s lives. Each story stands on its own and can be read separate from all the others. It is about how people can be made stronger by coming together through a common experience or through taking on a challenge. It’s about helping each other to find our inner strength and about lending our own inner strength when someone else needs just a little more. The book does revolve around running, obviously, but it’s about so much more than that. It’s about anyone who shares their strengths, fears, aspirations, you name it with others in the hopes of offering or finding support.

Sole Sisters

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I think women will enjoy this book more than men as it reflects very much on the social bonding that women find in groups, especially while pounding the pavement, so I recommend it to women more than men. That being said, if you’ve used running to overcome something or challenge yourself to move outside your comfort zone I think you’ll find a story you can relate to.

My personal favorite is chapter 11 which revolves around two neighbors who bond after a tragedy and use running as a way to cope and help each other. Although my running buddies and I have not suffered a similar tragedy, it reminded me so much of our discussions while we run. We often help each other work through stumbling blocks or issues that we haven’t solved on our own yet. It’s amazing the breakthroughs that can come while talking on a run. Each run is something that I cherish and look forward to even when I don’t want to get out of bed.

If you need a little inspiration for your regular miles, then use Sole Sisters to get you out on the streets. I have no doubts that I will re-read many of these chapters during the next 3 months of marathon training.

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  1. maureen says:

    Looks like a good read! Thanks Karen!