I’m Back

I ran 3 miles!! Yippee!! Woot Woot! Can you tell I’m excited? It was the first time I made it over a mile since I hurt my foot a month ago. The best part was that my foot felt great! The last ¼ mile or so I could feel it acting up a little so I slowed it down a lot and more shuffled than ran my way back home, but it was still awesome! I have missed that amazing sense of freedom and the sense of strength at being able to step outside my door and run without a care in the world. It is the first time in a month that I have felt that high from the exercise and from being alone with my thoughts.

I was amazed at how much I was enjoying each step. I never once thought about when it would be over. As I ran on I felt so grateful that I could run again and that my body was able to respond to my wish to run. As my right foot hit the ground each time (without a limp) I was just ecstatic. I realized just how addicted to running I am now. Without that endorphin rush and my alone time I become downright cranky, just ask my husband. Running has become “my time”, my time to be alone with my thoughts, my time to push myself past any self doubt or negative thoughts and my time to socialize with other running friends. You know you’re a runner when most of your socializing revolves around when you’re meeting your running buddy to hit the pavement. I actually didn’t really want to head back home, but I knew I should only go so far and that dinner was waiting.

When I finished my run in front of my house I did a small fist pump and I know my smile covered my whole face. I haven’t been this excited to complete a 3 mile run since I ran my first 5K only a little over 3 years ago now. I’m not sure the rush at completing my goal this time was quite as great as it was after finishing my first 5K, but boy did it feel good just the same.

The world is funny sometimes. I started running to relieve stress and now 3 years later I’m an addict. Who would have ever thought it?

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8 Responses to I’m Back

  1. Nick Bernard says:

    Funny how an injury / set back can help you realize how much you need running in your life. That definitely happened to me this year. I’m back up to 35-38 miles a week. I’m hoping to have a 45-50 mile a week base built up by April. I will feel confident to try a marathon again when I have that base.

    Congrats on being back!


    • Karen says:

      It is funny, isn’t it!!

      Congrats on being back up to 35-38 miles. You’ll be at your goal by April. I have no doubts!

  2. Kristen says:

    Wahoo! That’s great news. I’m so glad to hear the foot is feeling better. Setbacks like that certainly remind us why we love to run!

  3. Louisa says:

    Congrats Karen! You’re my inspiration to run, I just started so I hope I’ll have a story like yours. I never knew I could run or like to run! Hopefully some day I’ll be as addicted as you are!

  4. Carrie M says:

    Yay!!! So glad to hear everything feels good and that you are back to running :)

  5. Jim Oldfield says:

    I know what you mean. I’ve been sidelined by injuries for most of the year now. The last one – knee problems – is now resolving with a lot of hard work and training. I’ve just started back on the treadmill and can’t wait to get out in the fresh air again.