More Half Marathon- Done!

We came, we saw, we conquered the More Women’s Half Marathon on Sunday and it was fun! Since I posted the Top 10 things I was looking forward to last week I thought it only fitting to post my Top 10 of the actual race so here it goes.

10. The weather- it wasn’t quite as cool as I would like as it was definitely somewhere in the 70s, but since it was sprinkling as we were walking to the starting line I’m so very grateful that the rain held off and the sun came out. Overall the weather was good for a half marathon.

9. All the other runners- I’ve never run a women-only race before so it was awesome to see so many women runners of all ages, sizes, abilities, etc. I honestly don’t mind racing with men, but it was quite inspiring to see just how many women run and run long.

8. The NY Road Runners volunteers, especially the ones that were cheering loudly along the route- they are just downright awesome. Anyone that is willing to give so much of their time to help others reach their goals deserves all the thanks and praise that they can get.

7. Getting a hug from Aunt Cathy at about mile 11 and then seeing her cheering us on right at the finish line. Cathy has made it out to cheer me on in each of my marathons and now my half marathon. She’s definitely a great fan!

6. Seeing Jane’s and Annemarie’s families there to cheer us on. Annemarie’s husband was an especially loud spectator which only serves to pump you up more. They’re all fun people and it was nice to high five the kids.

5. Jane’s and Annemarie’s kids running with us for a few hundred feet. I especially loved watching the 4 and 5 year old racing each other plus they let me know that they are faster than I am.

4. Getting home and receiving a lecture from my 7 year old about how mad she is that they didn’t get to come see me run. I personally think she was more upset that she didn’t get to hang out with two of her best friends than missing my run. Since they will all be at the marathon in November and they will undoubtedly be at several other races throughout the year, I told my husband to stay home. Besides, it was wonderful to have the grocery shopping done and laundry well underway when I arrived home from the race.

3. Actually getting to take in the scenery in Central Park- the last 3 miles of the NYC Marathon are through Central Park and each year Central Park experts always ask me if I saw the museums, the cat statue at the top of Cat Hill, the Central Park Zoo and all the other landmarks on the route. My answer each year has been, “I didn’t see anything but about 10 feet in front of me.” By that point in the marathon I’m not sightseeing anymore. I’m not looking at anything besides the next water station, the mile markers and perhaps a few spectators who are helping me along. In the half marathon though, I finally was able to pick out all these landmarks on the route.

2. The over 2 hours of fun conversation with Annemarie and Jane. It’s amazing all the topics we can cover in that amount of time. They even helped brainstorm ideas about my Team Fox fundraiser for this year. How cool is that??

1. My favorite part of the race was of course crossing the finish line with both of my running buddies. We held hands and crossed side by side. It was great to know that we all accomplished a goal together. I’m not sure Jane had taken in how amazing it was for her to finish a half marathon, but I bet it sank in later. We got our official picture taken with our medals and had a lovely bystander snap a picture with an iPhone as well.

Here’s the picture of us with our medals from our first race together. I’m sure there will be many more.

More Half Marathon

Jane, Karen and Annemarie

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3 Responses to More Half Marathon- Done!

  1. Jane Courtney says:

    Love this blog!!!! You are right, I am not sure it has sunk in that I actually finished my first race – and a half marathon at that!!Two days later, it still seems a bit surreal – did I just dream that? After our 12 mile training run a few weeks back my confidence soared and I thought “Oh I can SO do this”. Then I read about the race course and it said hill training recommended – that is when the fear returned and it the doubts got into my head. Having 2 great running partners by my side really helped during the hill climb and although the hills were not fun, they weren’t as bad as the hills I imagined. I loved the vibe of the More half marathon – very supportive, all levels and abilities. I would definitely recommend this race for first timers. Nothing beats crossing the finish line except crossing the finishing line WITH 2 really great friends. Thanks Karen and Annemarie for all your support and encouragement – Jane

    • Karen says:

      You rock! And don’t forget that you’re better at hills than I am. Next race in 2 weeks! It’s a shorty- only 4 miles.

  2. Carrie M says:

    Congrats!! Sounds like you had a great race! The MORE/Fitness will forever hold a special place in my memories (my first half last year). Sad I missed it this year.