My Favorite Things- Through Kindergarten Eyes

Parent teacher conferences were last week and I got a chance to see myself through my kindergarten daughter’s eyes and I found it quite amusing.  There was a project in class to list your mom’s favorite things (the list was in preparation for something having to do with Mother’s Day).  Here is what my darling, little girl listed for me, in order. 

  1. Running
  2. The color RED
  3. Ice-cream
  4. Me (meaning her)
  5. Work

When I saw that she listed running first I was very amused. I’ve been running for almost 4 years now which means she was only 2 years old when I started. She doesn’t remember my first run of 2 blocks or how long it took me to work up to a 5K and then a 10K. To her, I am just a runner who disappears sometimes for a short 3 mile run and sometimes for hours at a time. It is usual for both daughters to ask me how far I’m running when they see me in my running clothes. They are judging for themselves if I’ll be gone a long time or a short time and often if that means they will have to run errands with Dad or if I’ll be home in time for them to miss the errands. 

It struck me that at least one of the first things she sees in me is that I’m a runner. I have a feeling she sees me as more of a runner than I see myself. 

As I worked my way down the list I was intrigued that somehow she listed herself fourth, behind not only running, but a color (and blue is actually my favorite color) and ice-cream.  Now, admittedly ice-cream is definitely one of those God-like things in life, but I think she just eeks out the win when I compare her to ice-cream. I was happy to see that at least ‘work’ was placed below her on my likes list. 

After reading the list I asked her teacher if the list was somehow in ranked order because if it was I was a little concerned that she saw herself as fourth. Running might remain first, but she is definitely a very close second. I can do without the color red if I have to and she does narrowly beat out ice-cream. 

The teacher told me that no they weren’t in any particular order, but then let me know that Rachael does see running as one of my biggest loves. She said that Rachael is always talking about how I run for “hours and sometimes days” and that I run for her Grandma, to help make her Grandma better. She said that when I run I make Grandma better. I was quite touched by her version of me and realized that we should all see the world more like a Kindergartener and less like an adult at least some of the time. 

On that note, I’m off to eat some red ice-cream while I run for hours, or maybe days, while carrying Rachael on my back. Work?? What’s that?

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  2. maureen says:

    So sweet! Makes me want to start running again so Lucas sees me in a more positive light. I’m sure he would have listed wine at my #1 favorite.