My Top 5 Favorite Moments During the Marathon

Yesterday was my list of my top 5 favorite moments during marathon training so today I thought it only fitting to write about my Top 5 Favorite Moments during the Marathon! 

#5- The wait on Staten Island before the start

 Yes, the 4+ hour wait on Staten Island in the cold was actually a ton of fun! I met another TeamFox runner coming out of my hotel so I had a compatriot to stick with from the start. When we managed to squeeze into a spot under the big tent we had no idea that we were about to meet some interesting people. First, there was the guy stretched out on cardboard who resembled a homeless man on the streets of NY. It turned out that he was British and had quite a few amusing stories about running and drinking and drinking while running, beer not water just in case you misunderstood.  When he stripped off his outer layer to get ready he revealed his Union Jack running shorts and told us with a smile that he planned to make England proud! The other guy sitting near us informed us that this was his 18th marathon… this year!  He was amazing and it was fun to listen to all the advice he had for the newbie. To be honest though, I had no idea what he was talking about most of the time.  He was too advanced for me. I did find his stories very entertaining though.

 #4- Singing along to the song “Empire State of Mind” in the Bronx

When I reached the Bronx I was so happy because that meant that I had now run through all 5 boroughs of NYC no matter what happened in the last 6 miles. All throughout the mile or so in the Bronx loudspeakers were blasting “Empire State of Mind” and I decided to sing along and even “dance”. Many of the spectators were singing with me and even cheered me on as I danced through their borough. In the midst of all the noise I suddenly spotted a TeamFox shirt on a spectator and gave him a double high five. Basically, the Bronx was just awesome!

#3- Seeing the TeamFox contingent at miles 7, 18 and 23

It was so awesome to know where the TeamFox routing sections were going to be.  I had the mile numbers practically tattooed on my brain.  I high fived and hugged various members and was especially appreciative of their VERY loud cheering efforts at mile 23.  For anyone that has run a marathon you know just how much those last 6 miles hurt so knowing there was a cheering section at mile 23 was the biggest help. They saw me off into Central Park with a bang. Thank you all so much!

#2- Running over the Verrazano Bridge

What can I say? Starting off your first marathon with an awesome view of lower Manhattan is just amazing. I’ve lived my entire life around the NYC area and I’d NEVER thought I would actually run over the Verrazano. Knowing early on that I had already accomplished something pretty darn cool gave me a great feeling, one which I reflected on several times throughout the day.

 #1- Seeing my family and friends during and after the race

There was absolutely nothing better than seeing my family and friends throughout the entire 26.2 miles.  The big hugs at mile 14, 18, 23 and 24 helped me keep going. Crossing the finish line was terrific, but I was even more excited when I found my family after I finished.  Hugging my little girl, husband, and cool cousins after finishing 26.2 miles was truly unexplainable.  I was so tired, and cold, but seeing the smile on their faces and knowing that they had been part of the whole thing was the best. They had all helped me train in some way and had made it out to see me during the race. I loved getting to share the experience with them. This year I’ll share it again!

So what are your favorite race moments?

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2 Responses to My Top 5 Favorite Moments During the Marathon

  1. Enzo says:

    Great stuff K.
    I don’t think I could ever pull off running a marathon. That’s hardcore. One down and many more to go.
    World up,

    • Karen says:

      But Enzo- you climb mountains! That’s something I’ve never tried. You could run a marathon for sure, if that was your goal.