New Jeff Galloway Half Marathon App is Here

Jeff Galloway released his new half marathon training app last week. It’s available for the iPhone (I have no idea when other versions for other smartphones may be available).

Jeff Galloway half marathon app

Even though I haven’t used this app, not yet at least, I thought I’d share because as you may know I’m a big Jeff Galloway fan. Any training guru who can get me from non-runner to finishing 2 marathons without injury is definitely Two Thumbs Up in my book.

So here’s what the app page and Jeff Galloway’s blog say you get in this app.

  • A 17 week beginner program designed to take you from beginning runner to completing your first half marathon with a smile on your face.
  • A 15 week program for more experienced runners who want to improve.
  • Lolo’s beat-sync technology which dynamically changes the beat of YOUR music to match your pace. (I have no idea how they do that, but LOLO has a bunch of apps that work with this same technology.)
  • Several drills- cadence, acceleration gliders
  • Magic Mile tests
  • FREE GPS tracking
  • 15 tracks of High Energy fitness music, also for free.

If you haven’t tried a Couch-to-5K app or something similar, you may not know how this works. Basically Jeff Galloway recorded messages to lead you through each workout and the overall program. He also included tips to help you run better and smarter. All of these messages are played over the music you select and help take the guess work out of each run. You just follow what he says to do during each run.

The app’s price is $14.99 which isn’t bad, but obviously isn’t as inexpensive as the C25K app which sells for $3.99. It makes sense it’s a little more since a half marathon is 10 miles more than a 5K.

I haven’t bought any running apps yet, mostly because I got my first iPhone back in February. Yes, yes, I’m a little behind the times. The truth is that I’m not a big techie geek and tend to be a late adopter in most things technical. It just ain’t my thing. That being said, this app does pique my interest and will make my personal app list when I train for a half marathon again. I’m definitely reaching the stage where I want to get a little better and I’m quite willing to trust Mr. Galloway as my “coach”. (Now I just need my iPhone armband to arrive in the mail. Where the heck is that thing anyway?)

Do you use training apps to help you train? If so which ones?

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3 Responses to New Jeff Galloway Half Marathon App is Here

  1. Tina Wasserbauer says:

    Jeff’s 5K program changed my life, made me a runner at 39! I have been researching the 1/2 app for a while so I appreciate your post! I’m training for my first 1/2 in February so I am defiantly downloading this app. I love techie stuff and these programs help people train safely, increase distance and endurance without injury. What could be better?!

    • Karen says:

      I definitely would have used a c25k program if I’d known they existed when I started running. That would have made my life easier. This is the first 1/2 marathon app I’ve seen that looked good to me. I will probably use it in the winter/spring to train faster.

  2. Scott says:

    Hey Karen,
    One newbie question, how do I set the race date in the app?