NYC Marathon Take 2

Today is the day before the NYC marathon. Tomorrow I will run the second marathon of my life and it still amazes me that somehow I’ve become a marathoner. I used to watch the marathon on TV as a kid and was amazed by the runners. I vividly remember watching Joan Benoit Samuelson win the first ever held women’s Olympic marathon. I thought she was the most amazing person I’d ever seen. I never truly considered running a marathon myself though.

Now today as I think about tomorrow I’m excited and nervous. I can’t wait to get the race festivities started tonight at the TeamFox dinner. To me the dinner is the start of marathon day. It’s when the other aspects of my life take a temporary backseat so that I can accomplish something that I never thought possible. It’s when I get to focus on the marathon only and share the experience with millions of people and with my family. I truly can’t wait to give my family high fives and sweaty hugs on my way through the five boroughs.

I am grateful that today will be filled with activities that will keep me focused on other priorities so that my nerves will stay in check. First, there’s soccer practice for Samantha. Then soccer practice for Rachael and then Samantha’s game. It’s amazing how much I love watching these little girls run up and down the field. I am officially the crazy parent who cheers way too much from the sidelines and is truly elated when my daughter’s team scores. I’m sure I’ll try to squeeze some laundry into the morning too. What’s a weekend without doing laundry?

Once I get to the TeamFox dinner with my husband though it will be time to take a deep breath and to start enjoying the entire event that is the NYC Marathon. This year I know how wonderful and almost surreal the entire thing is so I’ll be even better prepared to take it all in. Running the NYC Marathon is not really about your time. It’s about the journey to get there and then those few glorious hours that you are in the middle of something huge, something that celebrates everyone that has the courage to start.

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