4 Minutes Faster

I spent a whole lotta time this past week thinking about my training and working to keep my brain in a positive place rather than succumbing to the chatter that likes to tell me I’m a wannabe triathlete.  At least that voice no longer tells me I’m a wannabe runner. The runner voice tells me I’m a runner, just not as fast as say Kara Goucher. I can live with that.

I can’t say that my positive voice wins all the time, but it is getting stronger and the negative Nelly voice is not as prominent as it was a week ago. With any luck that nagging voice will keep receding into the background as the training goes on. I know it will still come out at times and I’ll deal with it then.

My 4 mile run this weekend really helped me get into a positive place. I ran 4 miles and was almost a whole minute per mile faster than when I first ran 4 miles after starting with Yoda 4 weeks ago. If you do the math that means that I was 4 minutes faster over those 4 miles. Woo Hoo! Now that is progress! Again, I’m not going to be taking on Kara Goucher anytime soon, but I was elated with my time. I was dead tired and had to walk a good bit to catch my breath, but wow, 4 minutes faster. Yippee!

This week I have a bunch of indoor trainer rides ahead of me with only 2 runs and 1 swim. You can definitely tell what my weakest sport is. Luckily, I’m starting to get used to trainer rides and actually enjoy watching TV with “The Fam” while I spin away. The intervals are getting easier on the bike and I think I need to up the gear I’m in a little. I want to really focus on getting stronger on the bike this winter so that I can ride like the wind on the bike path.

That’s it for this post. It’s short but sweet today. Wish me luck while I cycle away in my living room.

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