Running in 2012

For 2012 I am trying something new. I’m working to develop a full fledge race schedule. What this is something that pretty much every runner I know already does religiously? What have I been waiting for? Well, the past two years my only real running goal was to finish the NYC Marathon and in 2010 that was more than enough of a goal. Now I’ve discovered that running more races, especially with others, helps to motivate me so I’ve developed a short list of races so far and am waiting to add more to my schedule as they become available online.

My first running goal for 2012 is to, once again, finish the NYC Marathon. I’ve entered the lottery and I’ve told TeamFox that I want to run for them again. I still can’t believe I did this as I swore at the end of last year’s marathon that I was never doing this insane distance again. Alas, pain subsides and memories of cursing much of the second half of the marathon fade. So I’ll be there again and I’ll raise at least $5000 again, exactly how is still up in the air.

My second goal is to complete 9 races with NY Road Runners so that I will officially qualify for the 2013 through their program. 9 races in one year seems like a lot to me. I haven’t run more than 4 or 5 in a year in my incredibly long (2 years) running career. I have completed 1 race with NY Road Runners already so I only have 8 more to go and I already registered for the Women’s More Half Marathon on April 15th. In case my dear hubby is reading this post, he now knows that he has kiddie patrol for the morning of April 15th. The good thing is that I’ll be done, home and showered by noon so it’s not all day event like the marathon.

My one last running goal for this year is to complete a triathlon. That goal is a little more swimming, biking AND running, but I still put it in the running category. Completing a tri will be a whole new experience for me and I’m sure it will be quite an interesting journey getting there. I have a whole new set of gear to learn about, new endurance to build and transitions to master somehow. When it seems scary or overwhelming that’s when I will need to remember that the journey is what makes it so much fun.

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One Response to Running in 2012

  1. Carrie M says:

    Great goals!!! I did the 9+1 last year and it wasn’t too hard. Good luck!