Running the 2011 NYC Marathon

When I decided to run the New York City marathon, I knew there would be hurdles along the way.  I didn’t realize at the time how many of those hurdles were truly mental.  Maybe they had a small physical element to them, but the core issue was how badly did I want to run the marathon.  What was a willing to do, sacrifice, push through, etc. to meet my goal? 

Luckily, I made a very wise choice at the beginning of my journey.  I very publically declared to friends and family that I was going to run.   I also asked them to help me along my journey by donating to my TeamFox fundraising goal.  I made sure they knew just how personal this journey was to me.  

I didn’t know how wise this choice was until I started hitting hurdles.  You see, when my motivation waned or my knees creaked going up stairs, I knew I couldn’t quit.  Too many people had donated their hard earned money to help me and they were counting on me.  I couldn’t let them down and in my own mind I couldn’t lose face by backing down.  I’d said I was going to run a marathon and come hell or high water I was going to do it.

I didn’t stop when the temperature was 100 degrees or when it rained down buckets.  I scheduled my 17 mile run around our annual 4th of July party and the weekends when my husband was out of town I managed to find someone to watch my kids while I ran. (Thanks to Grandpa and Jane… I appreciated it!)  I even figured out how to make it to the TeamFox dinner the night before the marathon despite my husband being out of town that day. 

What I learned about myself was that I, like most people, need a compelling reason to keep striving for my goals.  When the brick walls arise, without that compelling reason I won’t knock them down or climb over them.  I probably won’t even go around. 

So what’s my compelling reason for running the 2011 NYC Marathon?  Well, it’s all of you.  It’s everyone that reads my blog posts or follows me on my Facebook page. It’s everyone that helps me reach my TeamFox fundraising goal and it’s everyone that cheers me on while I run. I’m just getting geared up to start my training for November 6th and I know it will be just as much fun (and hard work) as last year. 

Thanks for everything!

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  1. Nick Bernard says:

    Loved this post Karen! I look forward to reading more from you. I just started my own blog at I would love your feedback. You seems to have this mastered:)