Still Running

So I skipped my run this morning and like always I feel a little “lazy” about that even though I shouldn’t. I skipped it on purpose because my legs were more tired than usual yesterday after running on Wednesday night. I could still feel too much soreness in my quads. Plus I am running a 5K tomorrow with my daughter and I have my “long” run on Sunday so I knew I needed to rest a bit.

Most people wouldn’t consider running a 5K with a 7 year old to be much of a workout, but I know my daughter can run a 5K in sub 10 minute miles so it will be fast enough to get my legs going. My fastest mile time is only 8:30 and that was for 1 mile only. I generally run around a 9 minute mile pace in a 5K so running with my daughter will not be too much slower. You never know if she’s going to be even faster this time out. Somehow this kid seems to be getting better and better way too quickly for me. Next spring she’ll probably be able to beat me for real.

Then I was thinking about my running group on Wednesday nights and the fact that I run with the 70+ set as they’re the closest to my mile pace. I am slightly faster than they are, but not by much. So it seems that I can sum up my running speed by saying that I can beat the 10 and unders and the over 70 set. Next I’m going to work on those pesky 80 year olds. I’m sure with a little work I can beat them too. (Well, maybe not that 80 year old grandma who dusted me in the marathon.)

So have you ever been passed by someone you never expected to be so fast?

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4 Responses to Still Running

  1. Jeannie says:

    I Like that your 7 year old will run 5ks with you. Lucas, my 7 yr old, is my athletic one but he hasn’t tried running that far all at once yet.

    • Karen says:

      It’s awesome to run with her! We have so much fun no matter how well we do. It’s great to see her finish!

  2. Jordan Trump says:

    9 minute miles? Is she consistent? All the little kids I see running are ALL OVER THE PLACE in their pace lol.

    Fortunately, for me, I am that guy who passes people who never expected me to be so fast :) Hence the nickname, trump da beast!

  3. Carrie says:

    I got passed near the finish line by an older gentleman that had to be at least 70…very humbling!