The Kindness of Strangers

This week I’ve been in a running slump which generally translates into a less productive week for me.  It’s amazing how much my positive attitude depends on running now.  Without that endorphin rush I find it harder to focus, stay positive and to move forward towards my goals. 

Although this week has felt more challenging for me (don’t worry it’s nothing awful and I’m not planning on jumping off any bridges), these times remind me how much I really love running now.  They remind me that I am a runner and that my regular runs are just as important to me as making it to my daughter’s baseball games. 

Without running all week I also haven’t felt inspired to write a blog post. In some weird way I think writing my posts also provide me with a sort of endorphin rush.  I can’t explain it, but I find that my blog posts mostly write themselves.  I generally feel inspired to write and what I write about kind of just comes to me.  Sometimes when I run I am writing the posts in my head as I pound the pavement. So by not running or writing it has felt like a double whammy. 

I knew what to write this morning though when I saw a comment from a complete stranger on my blog and a donation to my TeamFox efforts from this same stranger.  I immediately felt that I should write about how small things are what truly matter in life. It is often the kind word or a brief act of kindness that makes a huge difference in someone’s life.  

The comments and donation from a stranger this morning made my day!  I’m sure the smile on my face lit up the room, even though there was no one around to see it. It was such a small act of kindness and yet it completely changed my attitude.  I’m thrilled that my words somehow helped someone else. I often wonder if sharing my journey in running, fundraising and life is a good thing or if I’m wasting my time. It is the random comments and the occasional positive connections to others that make me keep the faith that somehow I am helping someone else to keep going on their journey, no matter what that may be.

So Michal, thanks for your kind words and for helping me reach my sponsorship goal for TeamFox.  Your generosity helped me tremendously and I’ll think of you this weekend when I run!

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2 Responses to The Kindness of Strangers

  1. Michal says:

    Thank you Karen, I feel truly honoured to be mentioned here on your blog, and to receive so many warm words in return for my small donation.

  2. Karen says:

    Michal- the pleasure is all mine!!