Training for a Half

I’m training for my first half marathon. It still seems strange to me that I’ve finished 2 full marathons, but have never run a half. In fact the longest race I’ve run besides a marathon is a 10K. I’ve mostly run 5Ks, mostly because they’re short and I can run some of them with my daughter. Since she beat me in our last 5K together I no longer feel like I have to hold back to make sure she’s ok either. I know she can finish just fine.

When I registered for this half back in January I was a bit nervous about training during the winter months. I wasn’t sure how my resolve would hold up if we got the cold and snow we got last winter. Would I really be able to drag myself outside to train as best as I could if there were three or four feet high snow banks? Luckily, two things have happened this year that have helped tremendously. First, snow… what’s snow? Except for the freak snowstorm back in October we have not seen more than a dusting of that white stuff we can know all too well in the Northeast. Plus it’s been downright balmy up here this winter. I’ll take 50 degrees anytime in February!

My second piece of good luck is that I was able to sucker convince two friends to run the half with me so I’ve had training buddies. Now, I’ve spend a lot of time running by myself with only my inner voice to keep me company. Sometimes those solo runs are still good, especially if I’m upset or worried about something as pushing myself to the brink of my running ability has this way of making everything else fall into perspective. It’s during those all out runs that life’s problems somehow resolve themselves.

That being said, I’ve found that I’ve been craving human companionship on my runs. I’ve so wanted to connect with another person and to share the pain and joy of completing a run. I’ve wanted to high five someone at the end, knowing that we worked together to complete our goal.

Now I look forward to my long runs because although I know on some level there will be pain, I know there will be two other people right there with me helping me to keep going and to also help provide insight into other aspects of life as we run along. It’s amazing to me how much we share about our daily lives as we run. (I guess it helps that we have kids the same age so we have similar experiences right now.) I’m immensely glad that they’ve joined me for this journey and can’t wait for our next long run.

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3 Responses to Training for a Half

  1. Carrie M says:

    That’s great! Wonderful you found people that you can relate to and run with! What a rare combination :)

    I’m still hoping to find some running partners someday.

  2. Kristen says:

    That’s so great you have some running buddies! I know the exact feeling. I did all my training on my own last year for the marathon. The past couple months, I’ve been struggling with running alone. I joined a running group and that’s really helped. Good luck with your training!