Trying to Run 3 Miles

On Sunday I finally went for my first run since hurting my foot. I was so excited to get to hit the road at least a little bit, but I didn’t know how my foot would stand up. I was meeting my running buddy, Alison, and was excited because she was going to teach me how to use my resistance bands that have been sitting in my room for a few months just waiting for me to learn how the heck to use them properly.

We were meeting in the center of town at our usual spot so I decided to jog over very slowly to see how my foot would hold up. I could tell right away that my foot was not completely healed. It doesn’t hurt when I walk (well not much at least), but running was a different story. The pain wasn’t bad, but I could feel it and even after a couple of blocks it was still there. I kept thinking to myself that it was the type of pain you’d barely be able to notice after running 18 miles. It would just blend in with every other discomfort and twinge that your body was experiencing. I had to laugh that I now compare my foot pain to what it feels like at 18 miles.

Of course I knew 18 miles was out of the question for today, but then again, I had no desire to run 18 miles. That distance will wait for next marathon training season. I just wanted to run 3 miles.

Before our run Alison showed me how to use my brand spanking new resistance bands and it was so cool to get to learn first hand how to do it and it was wonderful to have company. I definitely got sick of long, “will this ever end?”, solo runs back in October!

As a small aside- my legs and arms are now killing me today! You’d think after training to run 26.2 miles and then finishing that ungodly distance that my legs wouldn’t hurt from some resistance band work, but you’d be wrong! I understand my arms, but my legs? Somehow somebody is playing a trick on my body.

Anyway, I did love the resistance bands and plan to use them regularly, once I can sit down gently again, but it was the run that I was hoping would be good. We quickly hid our bands behind a handy dandy rock and started up the opening hill.

I’m happy to report that uphill was pretty good. I thought uphill would be fine, but I wasn’t so sure about the upcoming downhill. Amazingly enough, the downhill was good too, but then we hit the flat stretch and I could once again feel the slight jabs of pain with each footfall. I was still hoping that 3 miles would happen, but I was beginning to wonder.

We continued running and Alison was kind enough to walk a few times so that I could rest my foot some, but I knew soon that 3 miles wasn’t happening today. I would be risking really setting my running back if I went too far. We turned around somewhere between ½ and ¾ of a mile and ran/walked back.

So it wasn’t quite the run I’d wanted, but at least it was something. As I left Alison and watched her run off to finish the rest of her run, I was happy I’d been able to run some, but was missing the longer run. It’s funny how much you take for granted being able to run for hours when you realize that running a short 3 mile run is going to exact a huge toll on your foot.

I’m still hoping to run the Manhattan ½ marathon in January, but that is going to depend on how my foot feels in the next couple of weeks. I need to be able to jump into the training plan at least 4 weeks in if I’m going to train well. We shall see.

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4 Responses to Trying to Run 3 Miles

  1. Alison says:

    You wrote: “Of course I knew 18 miles was out of the question for today, but then again, I had no desire to run 18 miles. That distance will wait for next marathon training season.” Does that mean there is a NEXT marathon training season??? :-)

    • Karen says:

      Yes, there will be. I’m not up for another one in May like you, but I’m down for that first Sunday in November again!

  2. Deborah says:

    Hope your foot feels better soon Karen! Good luck with the resistance bands – I’m going to start introducing some weights into my workout routines too.

  3. Jeannie says:

    So sorry to hear about foot Karen. Hope it heals soon! Strength is always a good thing to incorporate into your training. Bands are a good place to start and provide a variety of exercise angles and constant resistance.